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Sen. Nelson talks school safety, gun violence in West Palm Beach

By Kristen Chapman, WPEC (CBS12)
Apr 5, 2018
U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson met with the Urban League of West Palm Beach and community members to discuss school safety and gun violence on Wednesday.
Teachers, students and school administrators gathered at Gaines Park to talk with Nelson about solutions.
“At the end of the day, what you gotta do is get the assault rifles and the long magazines of 30 bullets, you gotta get them off the streets,” Nelson said.
Beyond banning assault rifles, board members from the Palm Beach County School District said they need funding for increasing security at schools and adding more mental health counselors.
“We need funding for... Harding our schools extra support for security, resource people and and so on,” explained PBCSD board member Marcia Andrews, “One of my biggest concerns is mental health counseling.”
Students from Roosevelt Middle School agree. Sydney Dorcius, an 8th grader, shared, “You never know what’s going on at home. Not all kids come from the best families so they might not have a lot of people to talk to.”
Two weeks ago President Donald Trump signed a spending bill into Law, which included several provisions Nelson pushed for to address school safety and gun violence, including the “STOP School Violence Act.”
According to Senator Nelson, The “STOP School Violence Act”, allows schools to access federal funds to invest in programs, training and technology to help keep students safe. Schools will need to apply for the grant.