Sen. Bill Nelson introduces bill to prevent publication of blueprints to create 3D-printed guns

Jul 31, 2018 \\ Andrew Krietz, WTSP
Starting Aug. 1, a Texas-based company is allowed to post blueprints to make guns using a 3D printer.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Florida Sen. Bill Nelson introduced a bill to prevent the online publication of blueprints that could be used to create a 3D-printed weapon.

The technology becomes available online starting Wednesday under a settlement President Donald Trump's administration reached earlier in the year with Defense Distributed, a Texas-based nonprofit. Nelson's bill would make it illegal for anyone to publish a file that would allow a 3D printer to build a gun, according to a news release by the Democrat's office.

There are concerns such resin or plastic-built weapons would be undetectable by security. "These 3D-printed plastic firearms can evade our detection systems and are a direct threat to our national security," Nelson said. "And we are going to let these go up on the internet tonight at midnight?"

3D-printed guns would be untraceable and since they can be made at home, no background check is necessary.

Gun control advocates say it would worsen gun violence in the U.S. and make it easier for terrorists to gain access to firearms.

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