Florida senator urges Verizon to promptly restore services

Oct 18, 2018 \\ Ly'Nita Carter, WEAR

PENSACOLA, FLA. (WEAR-TV) — Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson issued a strong suggestion to a major communication service provider on Tuesday- "restore communications service to the citizens of my state."

Sen. Nelson sent a letter to Verizon Wireless Chairman and CEO, Hans Vestberg urging him to promptly restore services to residents in the state of Florida after Hurricane Michael ravaged through multiple counties in the panhandle area.

Nelson stated in the letter " It's important that consumers in Florida who are being the recovery process from Hurricane Michael not be saddled with late fee and other unnecessary costs-particularly those without the means to deal with such costs."

The Senator requested Verizon to provide 60-day moratorium on late fee, interest accrual, penalties and any other unnecessary costs to give customers time to recover from the hurricane aftermath.

Nelson doesn't fail to mention in the letter to the CEO that many of his constituents in the Panhandle area are still not able to use the network and expressed his displeasure in Verizon's lack of response time of restoring services to its hurricane impacted customers.

Nelson stated " This is not acceptable, especially when your competitors have been restoring service much faster." Senator Bill said"Verizon must do better."

Verizon quickly responded to Sen. Nelson's strongly suggested letter by releasing a statement on Tuesday stating "Verizon is 100% focused on repairing our network in the Florida Panhandle. We are making progress every hour, and we expect that trend to continue at a rapid pace. We won’t rest until service is completely restored."

Verizon stated each customer in Bay and Gulf counties will be automatically credited for three months of mobile service for each line and this free service will include both customer and business accounts.

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