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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The first legislation aimed at regulating the sale of liquid nicotine came one step closer to becoming law today as a major Senate committee gave it bipartisan, unanimous approval. The Senate Commerce Committee approved the legislation authored by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), the panel’s top Democrat. 

Sen. Bill Nelson has asked the Department of Justice to look into the deaths and burials of boys at the state's oldest reform school in the Panhandle town of Marianna. In letters sent yesterday to Attorney General Eric Holder and to President Obama's nominee to replace holder, Loretta Lynch, Nelson asked the feds to include the reformatory deaths in its ongoing probe of inmate deaths at Florida prisons.
Bill Nelson is fired up about supercookies.  More specifically, the Senate Commerce Committee's top Democrat is ticked off at Verizon. He says the mobile tracking devices that can't be detected or deleted are being used by service providers to record customer data without their knowledge. The users become virtual guinea pigs for the industry. 

Jaden Vidal Velasquez, battling a congenital heart defect since birth, poses with a photo of Sen. Bill Nelson, whom he met again in Washington, D.C. last summer. Nelson recently co-sponsored the ACE Kids Act which would help children like Jaden facing complex medical problems to receive better, more coordinated care under Medicaid. Photo: St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa


  • Sen. Bill Nelson speaks about his concerns over Verizon mobile customers' privacy following news of the company's use of supercookies.
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